Laboratory Assistant

TITLE: Laboratory Assistant
LOCATION: BioCity, Newhouse, ML1 5UH, UK
SALARY: Competitive salary and benefits package, relative to qualifications and experience

Amphista Therapeutics is a fast-growing biotech and the leading Europe-based Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) company. Initially founded from the laboratory of Professor Alessio Ciulli (University of Dundee) our team comprises both academic and drug discovery pioneers of the TPD field and a growing R&D team focused on advancing a portfolio of medicines to the clinic using our proprietary next generation TPD technologies.

Amphista’s approaches use completely novel mechanisms to build on all the advantages of TPD while directly addressing the emerging limitations of existing TPD strategies to expand the utility of the field. In particular, we have shown our approach has the potential to be superior to all other TPD approaches (PROTACs, molecular glues, etc) through our unique novel mechanisms giving expanded scope, improved drug-like properties and reduced tumour resistance potential. We have a range of projects in the discovery phase, initially focused on oncology with potential to expand into other therapy areas including neurology, immunology and infectious disease. Amphista R&D is based in our spacious 4000 sq-ft labs in BioCity Glasgow and we also work with a wide range of UK-based and global collaborators and CROs.

We are seeking a highly motivated individual to join our multi-disciplinary, collaborative team as a laboratory assistant to support the R&D team by helping create and maintain a well-resourced, seamless laboratory environment. The successful candidate will carry out a wide range of duties in support of both the biology and chemistry-based activities of the group and your contributions will directly contribute to the successful progression of our research to impact hard to treat diseases including cancer and others. You’ll provide a range of services and ensure laboratory areas are adequately resourced with respect to materials, reagents and consumables. This will be an exciting opportunity to join a fast growing and dynamic company operating at the cutting edge of protein degradation to develop new medicines.

Roles and responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance of tissue culture across multiple cell lines.
  • Ensure that laboratory areas are adequately resourced with a range of materials, solvents, reagents and consumables.
  • Preparing reagents (buffers, media) in accordance with the relevant reagent protocols.
  • Routine monitoring and maintenance of laboratory equipment.
  • Curating chemical and biological inventories.
  • A range of other varied activities to support the ongoing drug discovery projects across the Amphista portfolio.
  • Working closely with Amphista scientists to keep the laboratory running smoothly at all times and suggesting areas where the efficiency of running the laboratory can be improved.
  • Communicating with Amphista finance groups and external suppliers where needed.
  • Maintaining general laboratory cleanliness and safety, including waste removal and autoclave procedures.

Essential requirements:

  • BSc or equivalent in molecular biology, biochemistry, or a related biological discipline.
  • Experience of working as part of a team in a laboratory environment.
  • Cell culture experience of maintaining multiple cell lines for extended periods.
  • Strong interpersonal communication with a ‘can-do’ approach to problem solving.
  • Ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team, communicating effectively verbally with e.g. chemists, other biologists and non-scientists alike.
  • Ability to work independently, with strong initiative and drive.
  • Exceptional time management, organisational and self-motivational skills, with the ability to prioritise.
  • Be fun to work with.

Applicants should submit a CV and covering letter by email to quoting reference LabAssist0221