Screening Lead

TITLE: BioAssay Screening Lead

LOCATION: Cambridge, UK

SALARY: Competitive salary and benefits package, relative to qualifications and experience



Amphista Therapeutics is a fast-growing biotech and the leading Europe-based Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) company. Initially founded from the laboratory of Professor Alessio Ciulli (University of Dundee) our team comprises both academic and drug discovery pioneers of the TPD field and a growing R&D team focused on advancing a portfolio of medicines using our proprietary next generation TPD technologies. We recently completed an oversubscribed $53M funding round to allow us to advance our portfolio towards the clinic and greatly strengthen the development of our underlying scientific platform.

Amphista’s approaches use completely novel mechanisms to build on all the advantages of TPD while directly addressing the emerging limitations of existing TPD strategies to expand the utility of the field. In particular, we have shown our approach has the potential to be superior to all other TPD approaches (PROTACs, molecular glues etc) through our unique novel mechanisms giving expanded scope, improved druglike properties and reduced tumour resistance potential. We have a range of projects in the discovery phase, initially focused on oncology with potential to expand into other therapy areas including CNS disease & immunology. Amphista R&D is based in our twin research hubs in BioCity Glasgow, and Cambridge, UK from where we also work with a wide range of global collaborators and CROs.

We are seeking an experienced, creative and highly motivated Bioassay Screening Lead to join our multi-disciplinary, collaborative team based in our new research centre in Cambridge, UK. In this role, you will oversee and personally contribute to the development and delivery of a range of high-quality cell-based assays to support our drug discovery portfolio.  As a key member of the leadership of the Amphista biology function, you will be responsible for providing high quality strategic input and data for all of our therapeutic drug discovery projects using a range of assay formats. You will use your experience of supporting multiple drug discovery projects to ensure prioritisation and timely generation, analysis & sharing of key data for projects across the portfolio. This is an exciting opportunity to join a fast growing and dynamic company operating at the cutting edge of protein degradation to develop first in class medicines to treat cancer and other areas of high unmet medical need.


Roles and responsibilities include:

  • Defining, prioritising & overseeing the work of the screening team to provide key assay data to all projects from the Amphista portfolio to allow rapid progress to reach project milestones.
  • Working closely with project teams and others from the cell biology, pharmacology & chemistry leadership to co-ordinate work and agree prioritisation, ensuring all projects receive appropriate, high quality, disease-relevant assay data to meet the needs of the Amphista portfolio.
  • Personally generating assay data to contribute to one or more portfolio projects as a key member of project teams.
  • Developing and applying medium- to high-throughput assays (e.g. HTRF, NanoBRET) to screen and profile cellular activity of novel compounds including ex vivo samples from efficacy studies.
  • Contributing to development, optimisation and troubleshooting of cell assays to give data of suitable quality and throughput (eg 96w, 384w or other non-plate-based format) to meet project needs.
  • Data analysis of screening data from team including appropriate statistical analysis.
  • Leading the bioassay screening team including managing and mentoring staff including their career development.
  • Work with external collaborators (CROs or academics) to allow efficient data flow to all projects.
  • Maintain good awareness of the internal & external developments in the field and apply these to each project
    • Proactively suggest and evaluate new techniques
    • Design and implement new ways of working that have a direct impact on data quality & productivity
  • Contribute to building the wider capability and setting the strategy of the Amphista biology & R&D team.
  • Communicate plans and results clearly to Amphista R&D leadership and programme teams using range of verbal and written/electronic routes. Prepare and write-up protocols, methods and reports as required.



Essential requirements:

  • Masters degree or PhD in molecular/cell biology, pharmacology, biochemistry, or a related discipline, with a minimum of 4 year experience working in a multi-disciplinary drug discovery project team setting likely within a pharma or biotech environment supporting multiple project teams.
  • Experience in profiling compound activity using cell-based assays using a wide range of assay endpoints (including eg ELISA, HTRF & other protein quantification, fluorescence, cell viability, reporter gene, imaging etc)
  • Use of multiple data analysis packages (ideally including Dotmatics) and generation of statistical analyses of data to aid interpretation.
  • Wide cell culture knowledge & expertise across a wide range of mammalian cell lines including handling of sensitive cells including co-culture or primary.
  • Experienced applying a range of molecular biology and cell engineering techniques to meeting drug discovery goals.
  • Strong interpersonal communication with both local and remote programme team members and R&D leaders.
  • Strong scientific reputation as evidenced by drug discovery conference presentations and publications.
  • Experience managing and leading others providing direction, mentorship and career development input.
  • Exceptional resource management & prioritisation skills with the ability to prioritise and work to deadlines – delivering for the benefit of overall Amphista R&D goals as well as the needs of individual projects
  • Good relationships with wide range of suppliers and CROs to identify opportunities for outsourcing of appropriate activities.


Applicants should submit a CV and covering letter quoting reference ScreenLead0421 by email to